Bunion Correction Offered by William Levine, Sands Point Podiatrist

Dr. William M. Levine, a Brooklyn podiatrist with offices in the Sands Point area of New York, has been in private practice since 1993. Included in his full range of treatments for conditions of the feet and ankles is the use of a minimal incision to correct bunions. Dr. William Levine and his patients in the Sands Point and surrounding areas have found that the procedure requires little, if any, pain medication, and results in less bleeding and scarring than traditional bunion surgeries do.

A bunion is a bony prominence that forms most often on the side of the big toe. The deformity is frequently the result of a misalignment or bowing of the metatarsal phalangeal (the joint of the big toe). Although non-surgical treatments may be successful for minor cases, surgery is often necessary once the condition has progressed.

People affected by bunions may experience tenderness, inflammation, and bursitis at the site. Arthritis often develops with the progression of time.

In some instances, a bunion may form at the location of the little toe. This type of prominence is called a bunionette.

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The Nature and Treatment of Bunions

A Brooklyn-based podiatrist, Dr. William M. Levine also serves outlying communities such as Sands Point, New York. In addition to complex foot surgery, Dr. William Levine handles simpler procedures, such as the removal of bunions.

Bunions are lumps that appear on the bone of the big toe. Bunions put the toe in an abnormal position, which crowds the other toes and causes pain. Too-tight shoes are a common cause of bunions.

Several non-surgical treatments exist. The first involves wearing shoes that leave a lot of space around the toes. Patients can also use tape and padding to return the joints to their optimal position. Pain medications such as ibuprofen, acetaminophen, or naproxen are other non-invasive procedures. Injected cortisone may also reduce pain. Shoe inserts or arch supports help balance the load between both feet.

If these measures do not bring relief, surgery may be necessary. The most common procedure is the bunionectomy, which includes the removal of swollen tissue and part of the bone to permit realignment. Permanent joining of the bones of the big toe is the last step.

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American Podiatric Medical Association Prepares for 2014 Meeting

Podiatrist Dr. William Levine has treated patients in the Manhasset and Sands Point, New York, areas for two decades. Aside from his responsibilities in Manhasset and Sands Point, William M. Levine, DPM, also functions as an attending podiatrist at Brooklyn Hospital and the Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York. To keep abreast of the latest developments in the industry, Dr. William Levine maintains his affiliation with the American Podiatric Medical Association.

The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) recently announced the dates for its 2014 Annual Scientific Meeting, also known as The National, which will be held July 24-27, 2014, at the Hilton Hawaiian Village and Convention Center in Honolulu. Recognized as the leading foot and ankle meeting designed specifically for medical professionals specializing in podiatry, the conference will feature exhibitions, specialty tracks, symposia, and hands-on surgical workshops. The organizers of the 2014 meeting are currently accepting abstracts until January 2014.

Established in 1912, the APMA is dedicated to fostering the growth of podiatric medicine and increasing awareness regarding the health of feet and ankles. Representing a majority of the approximately 15,000 podiatrists in the United States, the APMA serves as a leading resource for ankle and foot health advocacy and education.

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Dr. William M. Levine

Dr. William Levine is also an athlete.  As an avid runner, cyclist, tennis player, skier, and surfer, Dr. Levine has experienced first hand many of the ailments and injuries that all varieties of athletes may suffer. From heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, sprains and strains, turf toe, etc, Dr. Levine has seen and successfully treated it all. He has vast experience training and treating professional as well as high school athletes, and also the “weekend warrior”.

Dr. William M. Levine is also a cosmetic and aesthetic podiatrist. He offers botox injections for overly sweaty feet(hyperhydrosis) and dermal filler injections(Radiesse, Juvederm, Restalyn) for patients with metatarsal fat pad atrophy. Many women experience this fat pad atrophy in the ball of their feet as severe pain and numbness. He now offers his rejuvenating foot “facial” which includes whirlpool bath, massage with exotic oils, nail fungus removal with laser, nail bleaching, and state of the art instruments and creams to remove all cracking skin, corns and calluses.

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